Understanding Vampires


vampire /vampyr n. A reanimated corpse that is believed to rise from the grave at night to suck the blood of sleeping people, usually causing their death.


The Vampyreverse overlaps our own universe, and an understanding of vampire pathology, psychology and history is a first step to winning a war that has lasted for centuries.

Until very recently, the vampyr has sought to survive and thrive with the knowledge that all our understanding was based on myth, legend, and old wives tales in equal measure.

Now, we have science. We can confirm the myths, expose the legends, and have the decency to thank the old wives, who were usually right.

The Vampire FAQ

Brief answers to selected questions


Vampirism has been reported across Eastern and Central Europe since the Dark Ages; the first instance in the British Isles was reported during the nineteenth century. More recently, many isolated cases have been recorded in the Americas, with some accounts of serious infestation.

No cases have been reported in the Southern Hemisphere.

Vampirism has been inextricably linked with witchcraft, religious excess and pagan beliefs; vampire hunting has become a matter of largely symbolic attacks based on pseudo-religious myth and legend. Hence the spread of the scourge across the world.


Vampire terminology; a growing section.


Until very recently, there was little coherent and no coordinated research. This is changing fast, with the development of serious scientific journals on vampirism, and numerous books and TV investigations (of variable quality, it must be admitted).

Vampire Dentition

The facts behind the fangs!

Vampire Pathology

This section will explore the metabolism of the vampire, aiming to expose weaknesses that can be exploited, and linking to examples of how the information may be used. It will also consider the process of vampirification, to aid understanding of the vampire's physical needs.

Vampire Psychology

An understanding of vampires see the world is an essential tool for the vampire hunter; psychological weakness can be used as easily as physical weaknesses.

Renfield - Human Vampires?

The sad facts that surround people who claim to be 'living vampires' - they sometimes claim to be 'real vampires!'

Vampire Strength

Discussion of the anatomy and physiology underlying the 'superhuman' abilities of vampires.

Vampires and Sunlight

The vampire's aversion to sunlight has proved a serious vulnerability, and the best hope of destruction.

Anti-Vampire Weapons

Possibilities and examples.


Kindle Dracula

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